Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Clues to a Possible Female Lead in Episode 7.

 Few months ago we’ve heard the first rumors that Episode 7 could actually have a female lead. Now we have another clue pointing in that direction…

When it was announced that J.J. Abrams will direct Episode 7 it was also revealed that Kathleen Kennedy talked to other directors including Ben Affleck and also Matthew Vaughn who may have pitched to have Chloë Grace Moretz in the lead role.
Matthew Vaughn pitching for a female actress supported the rumor started from /Film few months ago that Episode 7 will actually have a female lead:

Who said the lead character in Star Wars Episode VII is going to be a male star? :)
— Peter Sciretta (@slashfilm) January 3, 2013

Now a few months later we get another interesting tweet this time from Variety’s Jeff Sneider:

Screw it… I’m hearing that since guys are going to see STAR WARS EP VII anyways, the lead role is going to be A WOMAN. Not sure how old…
— Jeff Sneider (@TheInSneider) May 11, 2013

That’s the hot RUMOR right now anyways. Obviously there will be male leads, but what better way to ensure females flock to theaters…
— Jeff Sneider (@TheInSneider) May 11, 2013

 With so many different sources it looks like there might be some truth in it.