Friday, September 06, 2013

From the Comments Section: A Fan-made Rough Outline of the New Star Wars Trilogy Plot.


One big annotation before you continue reading. The following plot outline has been posted by an anonymous member at the site’s comments section. He says that he has been fired from Disney and could share some info about the upcoming movies.
I just want to make it clear that there is absolutely no way for someone to have access to such info beside J.J. Abrams, Michael Arndt and Kathleen Kennedy. I’m posting this just because it’s an interesting read and you should consider this as something that came from the imagination of a Star Wars fan…

Edit: made another clarification in the title that this is fan-made!

Direct quote:

If you guys really want to know why you haven’t heard any official info as of yet, it’s because there isn’t any. I just got fired, so I’m going to spill the beans on what I know:There are still heavy discussions on how to do the new trilogy, and they are trying really hard to map out all three films at this point, and also account for contingencies such as the unexpected death or withdrawal from a cast member (let’s face it, the big three aren’t getting any younger or healthier).

Here is what I know from the last I heard:The big three is fully intended to return, and this will be their goodbye trilogy where they leave in a blaze of glory. Leia is to be killed off in Episode VIII, which will cause a division between Luke and Han, which doesn’t amend itself fully.Lando’s character is still being discussed, because they really only want him for Episode IX, where they intend to have him and Han die in a suicide run on the Falcon, leaving Chewbacca behind. The problem is they can’t justify his involvement in Ep. VII & VIII.

In Ep. VIII they want to introduce two EU characters, Dash Rendar and Kyle Katarn (who succeeds Luke after he dies in E IX), however Dash Rendar is still being discussed, and they are considering talking to Jason Court to reprise his role from the JK cut-scenes, but they also have other actors on the to be considered first list, even though he’s at the right age now and the one the fans of the games would identify the most with (partly the reason why I got fired is for bringing up all these things). The Vong will appear, but they will be more like minions (there is no longer an Empire or a remnant of it) of the new villain (who they haven’t decided on). Also, they will be fully susceptible to force detection and attacks (unlike the EU).

The children of the big three will share equal amounts of screen time with them, and will gradually become more important as the trilogy progresses. Luke is a widower, his wife (who may or may not be called Mara Jade), died giving childbirth to their only son, this plotline is only to serve to show that he was able to succeed where his father failed. Palpatine appears to tempt Luke’s only son (and is successful for a while), Obi-Wan appears to counter act that. They want Judi Dench to play Mon Mothma, but haven’t talked to her agents as of yet.

You can definitely see some fan favorite elements in this. What I really like about this post is that it really makes you think at the enormous variations and possibilities from all Star Wars sources that the writer and the director has to choose or ignore about. It’s not an easy job because they’ll surely try to show something never before seen in any Star Wars books, comics and games. That’s very hard indeed…