Sunday, November 24, 2013

Discussion: Star Wars: Episode 7 – Hope and Glory. A Fan Made Rough Draft.

 episode 7

This rough draft was mentioned in the comments section. I am sure that it’s fan made and has nothing to do with the real Episode 7 script. Still it’s a fun read and you might want to check it out…

Before things get wild I just want to note again that this is a FAN MADE Draft. 
The front page of the draft has the date August 2013 but I think it was written recently and tagged with a previous date. That was made because of the few facts that match some recent announcements. At least they should have come up with a better title… 

If you have time check it out and please share your opinion. I’ll just post the notes from the last page which are made to look like it’s the real deal. :)


 AU: A very different draft from what we had discussed. Thisbrings the younger members to the fore more quickly than wehad wanted — but I think the story is stronger as a result.I really like REI, but I’m afraid she might be taking overthe movie, but (DIR?) is that a bad thing?

AU: Running length is always an issue with these movies. Ianticipate the space battles to be long and detailed, butdidn’t write in the minutiae of them. These should bestoryboarded with FX and figured out. We’re at 70 pages, butI anticipate a running time of 85-90 minutes depending onhow we choreograph the space battles — this is in directresponse to some of the feedback of the prequels feelingbloated

AU: Much of Maya and Jacen’s backstory flashbacks are cutfrom this draft. They don’t add to the story but we mightneed to give them more scenes.

episode 7

AU: Humor is all but missing from this draft. It’s nice tohave some of the traditional Star Wars humor in here, butI’m not very good at writing it.

AU: Need more scenes for Chewbacca and Leia. Their charactersuffer most from the elevation of the younger ones.

AU: I’ve worked hard to avoid tipping the mysteries of the3-story arc. Some of it was a bit too much in-your-face, soI’ve tried to make it more discrete. Let me know if I’vegiven too much away.

AU: JJA likes R2. Let me know if I’ve used him enough. Ioriginally didn’t have him in the team that boarded thePalpatine, and added him later — though he doesn’t seem todo much.

AU: Lucas veered away from showing a lot of death. PT had’droids’ as the enemy so that we could show Jedi cuttingtheir enemy to pieces without annoying censors, and stillkeep it child friendly. We’re not doing that. This couldeasily get a PG-13 rating due to the excessive death, andthe scenes of large scale destruction. It’s a much darkerstory than Star Wars fans might be used to, but darknessworked in Episode V

You can read the whole draft here:

Star Wars: Episode 7 – Hope and Glory