Thursday, January 02, 2014

Will Disney Ever Release the pre-Special Edition Star Wars Movies?

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 This is the question that many of us have asked since Disney bought Lucasfilm. Even last year there were rumors that DIsney will indeed show their good will to the Star Wars fans and release the Original Trilogy on Blu-ray unaltered as it was meant to be. Hit the jump for one interesting opinion on the subject…

The article comes from io9 and is an answer to a question asked by a fan:

Q: Do you think there is a chance that Disney will re-release the films without the footage added in or are they more likely to make it worse? I think there is a lot of money to be made if they did just a simple re-release of things without the CGI additions of pre-Vader Anakin, as an example. Or is it possible that Disney will make things worse and digitally insert references to mouse ears?

A: I’m pretty sure Disney will be releasing the original Original Trilogy at some point on DVD and Blu-ray — or at the very least, they’re more likely to than George Lucas ever was. (Yes, I know Lucas technically released them on DVD, but they were neither remastered nor put in anamorphic widescreen, meaning they looked literally no better than the VHS versions. They don’t count. At all.)

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There are several reasons for this, but mainly 1) Disney doesn’t have the emotional hang-ups that Lucas does and they aren’t trying to prove anything, and 2) they really like money, and they know there’s a sizable market for the pre-special edition movies. George Lucas released only the special editions because he thought they were the better versions of the films, but this time the soulless, mercenary corporation is working for us because they don’t give a shit about artistic integrity. There’s no reason for them to ignore this easy revenue stream.

The same goes for Disney’s chances of tinkering with the previous movies — they aren’t worried about Lucas’ original vision for the films, or trying to tie the original trilogy to the prequels. They just want money, and they’ll do that by two ways: by making new Star Wars films and reselling the old ones. Unless George Lucas somehow made not selling the pre-Special Editions part of the contract when he sold Lucasfilm to Disney — which he is crazy enough to do, although I feel we would have heard about it by now — not releasing an unedited, anamorphic widescreen version of the original trilogy on DVD and Blu-ray is literally just turning down money.

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 Some very good points and although right now Disney are 100% focused on Episode 7 I won’t be surprised if they release the unaltered Original Trilogy just before Episode 7 hits the big screens on December 18, 2015. 

And here are some good points from the guys at furiousfanboys on why this won’t happen soon:

Four Reasons Why Disney Can’t Release the Theatrical Cuts of Star Wars…Yet