Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Disney Infinity to Feature Marvel and Star Wars Characters. Layoffs Expected This Week?

star wars

The Wall Street Journal reported that the new versions of Disney Infinity will feature characters from the Marvel and Star Wars Universe. Beside the success of the brand Disney Interactive is preparing to lay off “several hundred people”…

The cuts are expected to begin after Disney releases its quarterly financials tomorrow February 5.

From: vg247

Although Disney Infinity has been successful, driving Disney Interactive to quarterly income for the first time in years, the lay-offs are not altogether unexpected, as Disney had reportedly internally announced a reorganisation of the division following the unwilling resignation of Disney Interactive co-president John Pleasants.

Meanwhile, Disney will continue to invest in Disney Infinity. Sources said “new versions” of the game featuring Marvel and Star Wars characters are expected, which presumably means themed playsets similar to those released so far.

Disney Infinity cost the company more than $100 million to develop, but drew $396 million in revenue during the quarter ending September 2013.

Disney has declined to comment on this report.

Adding Marvel and Star Wars to the Infinity family will surely attract much older audience to the brand. More answers are expected tomorrow at Disneys Q1 Earnings Results Webcast. Hope we get some other Star Wars bits too. :)