Wednesday, April 23, 2014

UPDATE! Could Anthony Ingruber be Involved With Star Wars: Episode 7 After All?

Star Wars

Actor Anthony Ingruber who is mostly famous with his remarkable Han Solo impression has signed on a very secret project and revealed that he’ll make a huge announcement this week. Could this project be Star Wars: Episode 7?

(21 April, 2014)
First if you still haven’t seen his Han Solo impression you should do so. Here the actor himself posted it on Twitter on January 28.

Harrison Ford Impression …
— Anthony Ingruber (@AnthonyIngruber) January 28, 2014

Only 2 days later he revealed that a HUGE announcements is coming soon.

HUGE announcement coming soon!
— Anthony Ingruber (@AnthonyIngruber) January 30, 2014

Then he went quiet for a while. And shared more bits about his role on March 30.

been made to grow a big ol beard for this upcoming film role (still cant announce anything) but yeah its itchy
— Anthony Ingruber (@AnthonyIngruber) March 30, 2014

And just a few days ago he tweeted this:

friends i know its been quiet but the announcement is coming hopefully next week! off to set today to film another scene, lets break 2 legs!
— Anthony Ingruber (@AnthonyIngruber) April 17, 2014

Now all this may not be Star Wars related but let’s have a closer look.

His first tweet about an upcoming huge announcement comes only a few days after the official press release that the Episode 7 script is ready and filming will start in May. And that post was made just after he again posted his Han Solo impression which he actually did back in 2008. So this looks like a strange coincidence.

Another thing worth mentioning is that according to him he is already filming some scenes for that movie. We already know that Episode 7 has started filming. And it’s strange that his IMDb page doesn’t have any ongoing project listed. If he was filming a regular movie it would have been surely listed there as “pre-production” or “filming”. This really suggests that the movie is big and top secret.

Star Wars

Another interesting thing is that Ingruber is no stranger to Disney. In 2010 he appeared in Disney’s Avalon High.

And now his final tweet completely matches with the expected Disney announcement on Thursday. So could he really be involved with the movie after all? He would make a great Solo kid. 

This is just a speculation and all these tweets might be just a coincidence. I personally really hope he gets the part, even if it’s not related to Solo. He’s a great guy and really deserves it. I guess we’ll find out next week. I hope. 


(23 April, 2014)
It looks like Anthony Ingruber will indeed play young Harrison Ford but not in Star Wars. At least not for now. This is indeed huge news for the young actor. I’m really happy for him.

Ingruber will play the role of young William in the movie The Age of Adaline. Harrison Ford is playing the old William. The movie is being filmed right now and as you may remember Ford used an image from the set for his Reddit AMA.

Source: movievine (via Jergus Spodniak)