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UPDATE: A New Villain Revealed For Star Wars: Rebels?


Rumors are circulating that a new bad guy has been leaked to the interwebs. With the glut of Rebels info released lately this looks legit. Find out more about the new villain after the jump.



Various Star Wars websites, such as our friends at Star Wars Underworld, are reporting that there’s a new villain in town for the new animated series. His name is being reported as “Cikatro Vizago,” which roughly translates into “Scarface” — a fitting name for a gangster — in French and Spanish, according to Underworld. It appears that Vizago is a Devaronian like Kardue’sai’Malloc who appeared in A New Hope.



IF Vizago turns out to be legit he joins the likes of The Sith Inquisitor, as well as the newly named Agent Kallus, as major villains for our Rebel heroes, while carrying-on the tradition of having underworld figures like Hondo and Jabba in play to create even more chaos. While major characters have already been announced officially, others, like Lando and Obi-Wan, have not, even though both Billy Dee Williams and James Arnold Taylor are listed as their voices on the Rebels IMDB page. Currently, there is no word as to who will be voicing Vizago.


In other Rebels news, the French fansite Star Wars Universe has found a link on the for a 44 minute DVD, presumably the Pilot Special, called Spark of Rebellion. This makes sense as they already released a teaser called “Spark.” According to the site the release date for this DVD is October 22nd, 2014. I checked for the same DVD and found nothing. However, we’ll be watching as a release date for American customers can’t be far behind.



The Star Wars Universe report jibes well with what we’ve already been told about Rebels, from

Scheduled to premiere in fall 2014 as a one-hour special telecast on Disney Channel, it will be followed by a series on Disney XD channels around the world.

If you recall this is similar to how The Clone Wars was handled — an extended special, albeit theatrical, followed by the series. Once Rebels kicks-off we’ll be in serious countdown mode to the December 18th premiere of Star Wars: Episode VII.






Star Wars Underworld (via The Wolfpack Podcast) is at it again, now confirming that Cikatro Vizago is, in fact, a new character in Rebels! According to the Star Wars: Rebels Visual Guide by Adam Bray, Vizago is a “Lothal Kingpin” whose catch-phrase is apparently, “Business is all that matters.”





Not only do they confirm Vizago, but they also revealed that another Prequel-Era character is in play as well — Bail Organa. This makes perfect sense since he was a colleague and friend of Padme Amidala and was equally as outraged by the sudden rise of the Evil Empire. It makes perfect sense that Bail would have some part in the construction of the Rebel Alliance.


So now we have three familiar faces joining the newbies of Rebels — Bail, Obi-Wan, and Lando. While we know that Vizago and Bail are joining the cast we don’t know who will be voicing them. Neither character is listed on IMDB yet, however, there is an actor named Ben Diskin who is portraying an unknown character, presumably Vizago. Could Jimy Smits return to voice Bail? That’d be awesome and it’s possible, but probably not probable since Phil LaMarr, best known for Mad TV and Pulp Fiction, has previously voiced him in The Clone Wars animated series.


Here’s a Wolfpack review of the Visual Guide, but please be warned there are potential spoilers ahead!



  1. Why do you think he’s a villain???

    1. The article says he’s a dangerous crime lord on Lothal who’s name means “scarface.” I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like the ideal protagonist of a children’s series to me.

      1. please give us more VII news.. July 15, 2014 at 22:49 PM

        are you kidding? “Scarface” is the most stereotypical bad guy name you would expect in a kids show.

        Also, why does this creep have enormous arm muscles? He’s shaped like one of the evil Huns on Mulan.

        1. Apparently he is into crossfit workouts!

  2. I’m pretty excited about Rebels. Some have said the show looks a bit kiddy but, that isn’t really a bad thing. The cartoon could well be designed more for a younger audience with Episode VII-XI designed more for an older audience. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s Disney’s angle. Plus let’s not forget Clone Wars started out slow and advanced to a very well done show and people started to care for Asoaka. Hopefully she’ll return and face Vader in Rebels. Only time will tell but, let’s have hope.

  3. This show keeps looking worse and worse.

  4. Is it just me, or does the level of detail on the modeling look lower than Clone Wars?

    1. I agree, just another thing that’s turning me off to this series already… And we thought TCW animation was bad.

      1. Yeah, it looks more cheap and cartoony. Disappointing. Hopefully the story will make up for it.

  5. At first I was exited by rebels but the characters look nothing like what you’d see in a Star Wars movie. Looks more like something out of Dora the explorer or something.

  6. The more I hear about this show, the more it confirms my disappointment that it’s going to suck. I can’t possibly view this as being equally canon as the OT.

    Hopefully it’ll get better enough down the road.

  7. What terrible animation!! I’m so disappointed in Disney’s first attempt at star wars.

    Stop making it look so clean!

    PS: The slingshot is the worst idea ever presented in any star wars. I’ll take Jar Jar over Sling Shot.

    1. Exactly… I mean a sling shot would be cool if it was like… you know… cool? That thing looks so wimpy! I’ll still give it a chance but what I’ve seen looks very *meh*.

      1. What’s the point of this guy’s shoulder pads anyway? His costume looks straight out of DBZ

    2. Agreed on the sling shot. I’m fine with a regular sling shot but there’s absolutely no reason why a sling shot made of energy should exist.

      1. I mean, the idea of a slingshot is very creative…. I just can’t see anybody using it against armored Imperial troopers with success. That’s just stretching believability.

        1. I agree.

          Maybe it might be used when an approach with a bit more subtlety is called for, like throwing a stone to make a sound to cause a diversion, in the same manner Obi-Wan used to Force to make a sound to distract the Stormtroopers on the Death Star.

          But he had better pick up a real blaster if he hopes to do any real damage, or even survive.

          Hopefully feminists will take note how none of that has anything to do with his genetalia.

  8. And when this TV series turns out to be brilliant, you’ll all be saying how much you love it

    1. search your feelings, anonymous…. it will be bad.

      1. Based on… What, really? The Clone Wars looked just as lighthearted and goofy when the movie came out and the first few episodes in the series aired, but became darker as time went on. Guess what? The team behind that show are working on this one. Mark my words: that argument isn’t going to hold by the time that the first season of this show ends.

        1. Except for the fact that the Sabine character is multi-layered with dumb any way you look at it.

          1. How could you honestly trust Dave Filoni?

        2. HONESTLY….I really hope so. I trust Dave Filoni. I truly, desperately, want to like this show.

  9. A green Hellboy. Is this the best you can do, Disney? You eradicated the Expanded Universe… for this?!?

    1. Ron Pearlman will voice the character.

      1. Would make it better.

    2. Yes, and the main cast with chopper reminds me of Borderlands 2. Glad these designers are not scripting the sequals.

  10. More SW VII news please… less of this

  11. Nice earring.

  12. As interesting and original as new designs for Star Wars creatures, costumes and spaceships might look, such as those in the prequels, they often appear out of place with Ralph McQuarrie’s art from the classic trilogy. I think so, anyway.

  13. Freddie Prinze Jr!

  14. Sounds to me that the Villains roster is already better than that of The Clone Wars…….

    The last few seasons they resorted to Droid Generals.

    And I liked that show, so this is awesome news for me!

  15. The characters so far in Rebels look dry and bland. Compare this guy (and any of the major Rebels characters) to, ket’s say, Aisoka Tano. She’s got more color and creative design.

  16. I’ll give this show a chance. But if it ends up sucking in the long run, Disney should dump it into Star Wars Legends.

  17. For some reason, this guy reminds me of Shrek. I think it’s the eyebrow-thing he’s doing.

    1. An odd mixture of Shrek and Groot from LOZ Skyward Sword, animated in the style of Ice Age…

  18. Andy Serkis? Just throwing that out there.

  19. “This makes perfect sense since he was a colleague and friend of Padme Amidala and was equally as outraged by the sudden rise of the Evil Empire. It makes perfect sense that Bail would have some part in the construction of the Rebel Alliance.”

    I sense that it makes perfect sense.


    “it’s possible, but probably not probable”

    That is a complex level of probability right there.

    1. Nobody does know. Your guest is as good as mind.

      1. My guest is awful. They never do any washing up…

      2. Javi-Wan Kenobi July 17, 2014 at 15:42 PM

        My guest can read my mind

  20. This show becomes less attractive the more info I get.

    1. Agreed, possibly another great opportunity failed to make something great in SW univers?
      Waiting for Episode VII…

  21. Cikatro from the Spanish cicatriz (scar) and Vizago from the French (and English, too) visage.

    Yeah, Scarface indeed.

  22. Patience. It’ll take a season to get going, but if they stick with it it’ll get good. This new bad guy will be long forgotten by then though. Speaking as a Star Wars fan with young kids, I’m just glad it exists at all!

    I wouldn’t sweat it about that ‘canon’ stuff though. CW was good, but it’s Anakin didn’t really fit well with the films’ Anakin. CW Anakin was much more likeable, but he could never have become Darth Vader.


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